Trading Tricks


Trading Tricks

How To Trade:-

  1. Trade on all the calls given by us on daily basis.

  2. For the traders trading in cash segment, keep your investment amounts same for all the trades which you put forth.
    Let say for example: if investment amount is 200000 and the price of the script is 100rs then you should trade on 2000 shares for that script. And if another script is of 500rs then the number shares one should buy is 400.

  3. For the traders trading in futures, commodity, they should also make sure that the number of lots should be fixed for every trade they make with us.

  4. We give three targets, entry level and a stoploss with each and every call. The recommendations in this release 50% share at first target, another 30% on the second target and the last 20% at time of achieving third target.

  5. Another thing that trader can follow is put stoploss given with every call and when first target is achieved, and you are waiting for the second target than take first target as SL, and when second target is achieved, while waiting for third target take second target as SL for that.

  6. Last but not the least, put SL with each and every trade you make with us. Never trade without stoploss in any case as it is a safety measure for every trade. Please make sure you put stoploss as per our strategy.

  7. Square off all the trades before closing the market. Never hold any position for the next day.